Book of Abstracts, 22- 23 November 2013 г.

Book of Abstracts, 21- 22 November 2014 г.

Book of Abstracts, 27- 28 November 2015 г.

Book of Abstracts, 10- 11 ноември 2017 г.






Abstract should be written in English, using MS Word,  and send as an attachment by E-mail to the contact address.


The abstrat form (1 page) should be as follows:

1. Page format, font and line spacing:

Paper size - A4; Orientation - Portrait; Margins : left and right - 2.0cm, top and bottom - 2.5cm; Times New Roman; Line Spacing - 1.5; 

The page begins with two empty lines.


2. Title:

Font size 16pt; Bold; Center; Times New Roman.


3. Author name(s):

Font size 12pt; Normal; Center; Times New Roman.

The name of the presenting author should be underlined.


4. Affiliation and addresses (including E-mail):

Font size 12pt; Italic; Center; After 12pt.


5. Main text:

Normal; Justified; Font size 12 pt; Times New Roman; Line spacing 1.5.



Poster size:

60cm х 80cm.